When you’re storing or transporting valuable goods inside a storage container, the last thing you want is to discover that your goods are damaged, or have deteriorated. This can lead to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of losses each year.

While most good storage containers will protect your products from weather, temperature fluctuations and movement that may cause serious damage, one thing many people overlook is condensation and the effects it can have on cargo. Condensation can cause packages to become damp, mouldy, crumple and lose their shape, metals to corrode, colours and dyes to run, and food products to deteriorate.

Did you know that all storage boxes contain moisture?

No matter what you’re storing, all containers contain moisture. Moisture is in the air when the container doors are closed, and it’s contained in the cargo and packaging. These factors plus temperature fluctuations can lead to a gradual build up of moisture within the container – leading to the potential damage of your valuable goods and products.

How condensation can damage your goods and cargo

Condensation build-up in your storage container can lead to cargo damage such as staining, dampness and mould growth. Any porous surfaces such as wood, paper or fabric are especially vulnerable to the insidious growth of mould – damaging books, paperwork, and furniture beyond repair.

Other materials such as metals can corrode, cardboard boxes can gather mould, and cargo can be water-damaged. More importantly, if you are transporting food products, condensation and mould can find its way into foods, causing them to deteriorate beyond the point of safe consumption – potentially losing you thousands of dollars in lost stock, products and reputation.

Why a temperature-controlled, dehumidifying storage container is the best solution

Storage containers provide an economical and safe way of shipping almost any kind of cargo. But unfortunately, putting your goods into a closed steel box leaves them at the risk of damage from condensation.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on protective packaging, coatings and silica gels that are often ineffective, the best way to prevent condensation, mould and moisture damage is through using a temperature controlled, dehumidifying storage container.

Find out about temperature controlled, insulated storage containers from Kiwibox

At Kiwibox, our insulated storage containers provide a condensation-free storage environment with no extremes of temperature – keeping your cargo or goods in a temperature-controlled, dry environment – protected from condensation, humidity and mould. Because they are insulated and air-tight, your cargo and products won’t be affected by external weather conditions or temperature fluctuations.

The Kiwibox storage units are ideal for shipping, transportation or onsite food and beverage storage. Available in 20 foot, 40 foot and customised units, our cool storage boxes are suitable for a wide range of businesses and industries throughout New Zealand. If you think your business could benefit from keeping your stock protected and at the right temperature, please get in touch with us or view our current range of insulated storage containers for sale or hire.