FAQs About Leasing or Buying a Kiwi Box Refrigerated Container

Do I need a single-phase container or a three-phase container?

This depends heavily on what stock you are dealing with and what type of chilling or freezing you want to achieve — single-phase refrigerated containers cost less to run but provide less chilling or freezing power, while a three-phase refrigerated container costs more to run but offers greater chilling/freezing power.

Because of their increased internal volume and the extra power required to control their temperature, our

Use this chart to see which power option suits you best:

How much will it cost me to run a refrigerated container per day?

Running costs vary wildly depending on your specific application. To give you an idea of what will increase or decrease your refrigerated container running costs, ask yourself these questions:

  • What temperature will I want to maintain my refrigerated container at? A lower temperature will cost you more.
  • Will I be entering and exiting my container frequently each day? A higher frequency will put more demand on the system to maintain the desired temperature and raise costs.
  • What temperature is my product be as it enters the container? The closer it is to the required storage temperature, the less power (cost) required to get it there.
  • How much does power cost where my refrigerated container is located?
What’s the shortest duration I can lease a refrigerated container from Kiwi Box and what will it cost?

Kiwi Box have a minimum refrigerated container lease period of a month. You can lease it for a shorter duration than this, but the month-long charge will still apply.

The more months or years you lease a Kiwi Box for, the lower the rate we charge you.

What’s the quickest I can get a refrigerated container onsite and how much will it cost me?

After helping you select the container option that best suits your needs and receiving a signed lease agreement, we’ll strive to have a Kiwi Box refrigerated container on a truck to you in 12–24 hours.

Who fixes leased refrigerated containers if they break down?

Our refrigerated containers are very reliable, and breakdowns aren’t common. Despite this we still support our customers with a 24/7 breakdown service at no extra cost. Our experienced technicians also perform maintenance at scheduled intervals to prevent any issues. Read more about our support services.

How much does refrigerated container delivery cost?

This will be determined by the distance between you and our nearest depot. If you’re located ‘out of town’ we will always secure a delivery quote before any agreements are signed so you can account for all associated costs before deciding.

Do I need to insure my container while I’m leasing it?

Yes, you need to insure the leased refrigerated container against all risks and up to the replacement value discussed and detailed on your lease agreement, for the full lease period.

Can I claim against Kiwi Box for lost or damaged stock?

Kiwi Box are not responsible for any stock or materials stored in a Kiwi Box container during a lease; therefore, any loss of or damage to stock must be covered in your insurance. You must insure against ALL RISK.

How far away from my power source can the container be placed?

Single-phase refrigerated containers need to be positioned no more than 20 metres away from your power source.

Three-phase refrigerated containers have a much heavier, 6mm-thick power lead, which can be extended further. This means three-phase containers can be positioned up to 40 metres away from your power supply.

Can I put the container down on a grass or dirt surface?

Refrigerated containers are extremely heavy (2.8–4.8 tonnes) so when taken off the delivery truck, they need to be put down on a level surface ideally made of concrete or asphalt, so they don’t sink.

If a concrete or asphalt surface isn’t feasible then concrete block or wooden sleepers can be used as piles under the four corners posts of the container’s base.

It is handy to have the motor end of the container lifted slightly higher off the ground to facilitate easy washing out of the container. The resulting floor fall will see the water flow easily out the door end of the container.

Can I lease or buy a container with easy-entry doors fitted?

Yes, most of our single-phase 20ft Kiwi Box containers have an easy-entry door fitted within the left-hand side main container door, as well as an internal light fitted. This makes for easy access and a safer and more practical work or storage area.

We can fit easy-entry doors to three-phase 20ft containers and three-phase 40ft containers by arrangement if they are going to be hired on a long-term lease or sold. Contact us to discuss this further.

Can I fit a temperature alarm to my refrigerated container?

Yes, you can fit a temperature alarm to a Kiwi Box refrigerated container. When you’re off-site and there is an issue, the alarm will send a warning message to your mobile phone, letting you know so you can get to your container faster.

Who will service the leased refrigerated container while I have it?

Servicing by our trained technicians is all part of the leasing fee. We will carry out maintenance inspections throughout the year to keep things running smoothly. These inspections are provided in addition to our 24/7 breakdown service.

Can I buy a refrigerated container from Kiwi Box?

Yes, we do sell refrigerated containers. Availability is dependent on how much stock we have on hand at the time you are looking. Give us a call to see what we have available right now.

What sizes of refrigerated container can I lease or buy from Kiwi Box?

We lease and sell 20ft (6m) refrigerated containers and 40ft (12m) refrigerated containers.

We also sell insulated containers that offer resistance against extreme temperature changes and a condensation-free environment. Read more about our insulated container range.

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