Jo and Brent Williamson of Golden Goose Foods

Golden Goose Foods is the name behind the famous Howler Hotdogs — available at your local supermarket. Based in Woolston, Christchurch they specialise in battering and frying various products for supply to the food industry, including; meat patties, pineapple rings and a range of gluten free and vegan products.

Strong growth of a new product range saw Golden Goose connect with Kiwi Box Refrigerated Container Hire to allow measured expansion.


Golden Goose Foods’ challenge

Some years ago, Jo Williamson and the Golden Goose team started developing their now-popular Howler Hotdogs range. “Over a couple of evolutions, it had become quite successful, to the point we outgrew the freezer we had onsite,” Jo explains.

Golden Goose didn’t want to invest heavily in a new storage facility when they weren’t sure of the demand supermarkets would have for the Howler range. They needed a clever solution that could store their new product as they felt out what the ongoing demand for (and growth of) the range would look like.


The Kiwi Box solution

Enter Kiwi Box and their refrigerated container leasing service… “Greg and the team at Kiwi Box were recommended to us,” Jo says. “We’ve had such a long association with them I can’t even recall who it was that recommended them!”

The flexibility offered by Kiwi Box’s refrigerated containers was just what Golden Goose Foods needed to accommodate their new hotdog range on site.


How Golden Goose use the Kiwi Box refrigerated shipping container

Having leased a 20ft freezer container from Kiwi Box for a number of years now, Golden Goose uses the refrigerated unit as a holding facility for their supermarket range. Orders are picked from the container and dispatched directly to supermarkets on a daily basis.


What benefits did Golden Goose Foods experience?

Jo explains how hiring a refrigerated container from Kiwi Box helped Golden Goose save money and make a calculated business decision around their ongoing storage requirements…

“Having leased a freezer container has allowed us to get a feel for what our long-term frozen storage space requirements are. As we’ve evolved the range, we’ve developed a better understanding of the size of the market we are catering for, and the level of inventory required to service the supermarkets. If we had built a storage facility straight away, we would have outgrown this already.”


A risk-free shipping container hire experience

Golden Goose Foods have enjoyed dealing with Greg at Kiwi Box and were quick to point out the value added by their background as experienced refrigeration engineers who service their leased containers themselves.

Jo says, “Greg’s always had really good practical advice for us and having the container regularly serviced as part of the contract has made it a worry- and risk-free arrangement. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others looking for seasonal, temporary or short- to medium-term frozen or refrigeration space.”


Contact Greg now to see if Kiwi Box has a solution for your challenge.

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