At Kiwi Box, we specialise in the sale and lease of refrigerated shipping containers for use as freezers or cool rooms. Available in two different sizes, our refrigerated shipping containers create a temperature-controlled space suitable for anything from chilling and freezing, to drying or dehumidifying. Whether you need a transport solution or long-term storage, our 20ft and 40ft refrigerated shipping containers can keep your stock secure and dry at temperatures between -30°C and +25°C.

We have two standard sizes of shipping container storage units for hire or sale — a 20-foot (6m) model and a 40-foot (12m) model — both offering similar levels of temperature stability. Read on to learn about our different portable cold storage units and your lease and purchase options.


20-foot refrigerated shipping containers

Our 20-foot shipping containers are available as refrigerated shipping containers — perfect for when a temperature-controlled environment is required, with insulated shipping containers sometimes available with the refrigeration units removed — great for secure storage that offers excellent shelter from the elements. Both options feature stainless steel interiors which are extremely hardwearing and easy to clean.

Our single-phase 20ft refrigerated shipping containers are ideal for temperature applications from -20°C to +20°C, whereas our insulated containers are best suited to preventing temperature extremes and condensation. With the refrigeration machinery removed, insulated containers can provide relative temperature stability and an ideal storage solution for storing valuable goods at a home or workspace.

Our 20ft refrigerated shipping containers run on energy- and cost-efficient single-phase motors, which can be powered by a standard household power point and are so quiet they’re almost undetectable from inside an adjacent house or office building.

These units are available for hire or sale throughout the South Island and in the greater Wellington region. Call us to enquire about our stock.


40-foot refrigerated shipping containers

These large capacity 40-foot refrigerated shipping containers (just over 12 metres long) are available in a three-phase powered refrigerated model, with non-temperature controlled insulated units available when stocks permit. As with 20ft containers, our 40ft shipping containers feature durable stainless steel interiors that are easily hosed out and scrubbed down, perfect for applications where cleanliness is important.

Our 40ft refrigerated shipping containers for lease and sale offer more cold storage for chilling or freezing stock and are suitable for applications that require -30°C to +25°C temperatures.

These containers are available for hire or purchase in the greater Wellington region and throughout the South Island. Drop us a line to talk about which option is best for you.


How much do refrigerated shipping containers cost to run?

Our modern 20ft three-phase refrigerated shipping containers are equipped with creative software that turns off the compressors when the unit is in chill mode — the times when the refrigeration unit has completed reducing the container’s internal temperature and is simply maintaining it — so as to save energy and money.

There are a load of variables that can influence how much it costs to run a refrigerated shipping container for a day, so it’s hard to give exacting estimates. These are factors like how often you go in and out of the container, how long the doors are left open, how much stock is inside and how it’s stacked, what temperature the container is set to, the size of the container, whether it’s single-phase or three-phase, etc.

That said, we’ve had reports of our modern three-phase 20ft refrigerated shipping containers being run for as little as $12 a day, with the higher end of the cost of running a refrigerated shipping container per day being around the $25 mark if the container is being used to freeze down large quantities of product.

Monthly running costs for our single-phase 20ft refrigerated containers can be as little as running a residential heat pump for the same time period.


Are refrigerated shipping containers insured?

Once they leave our yard, we have no control over how our refrigerated shipping containers are operated. It’s because of this that we can’t accept any liability for any damage to (or loss of) goods stored inside our leased containers. This is why we advise clients hiring our refrigerated shipping containers to secure their own insurance again such risks.

Other measures we advise clients to take to help safeguard themselves against loss or spoilage of goods stored inside our refrigerated containers are running a temperature probe in the container and writing down the reported temperature every morning and afternoon so any concerning fluctuations in temperature are picked up and can be reported to us. If we think concern is warranted, we’ll inspect the refrigeration unit and fix any faults.

Larger companies use a temperature alarm that signals when a product is over temperature, warning their contracted security company who can then inspect the container and the goods inside.


Customised cold storage containers

If our standard 20-foot or 40-foot insulated and refrigerated storage containers don’t suit your requirements, we can provide a customisation service. Should you need energy-efficient temperature control, single-phase containers, drying and dehumidifying containers, or blast freezer containers, we can customise our units to suit your specific needs.

Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work with you to create the ideal cold storage solution with an internal orientation to fit your requirements.

If you’re looking for a temporary or long-term cold storage solution, our refrigerated shipping containers are a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective option. Read the frequently asked questions about our hiring shipping containers or contact us to enquire about our cool storage containers.