Here at Kiwi Box we are proud to be the provider of reliable, high quality storage chillers for sale to a wide number of firms across a breadth of different industries. It speaks to the flexibility and adaptive nature of our storage containers that they have become such a staple part of business for so many firms working across entirely different areas of industry.

What We Do

To briefly sum up what exactly it is that we are providing; Kiwi Box manufactures insulated shipping containers which are perfect for use as mobile freezers or cool rooms. We have two sizes of chillers for sale and hire, a twenty foot and a forty foot model, both of which offer the same level reliable storage and temperature stability.

Cold One Minute, Hot the Next

Our chillers are able to hold constant temperature conditions ranging from negative twenty degrees Celsius, all the way up to forty degrees Celsius. This wide temperature range is part of what makes our chillers so incredibly versatile for our varied net work of clients across the shipping, food and beverage, and manufacturing industries. In addition, all of our chillers for sale are fully customisable to suit the requirements of your business.

Reliable Shipping, Every Time

Despite having a number of other uses, at their core our chillers are intended for use within the shipping and transport industry. Our containers are especially useful when firms are shipping perishable goods over long distances. In this instance if the produce were to spoil in any way it would represent a significant economic loss both to the supplier and the shipping firm themselves, resulting in a loss of reputation.

Our clients in the shipping industry put their faith in us, their own professional reputation tied to ours. They promise to deliver in perfect condition, and we in turn provide them with the temperature controlled conditions they need to make good on this promise.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

We find that retailers involved in the sale of food and beverage products often request our chillers for on-site storage. Our clients span the realm of the food and drink industries, from butchers wanting to keep meat cool for short periods of time, to firms wanting to dry sea weed to be used in sushi, and everything in between. Where these firms would once use third party storage facilities to keep their produce fresh and market ready, they now have the ability to have their stock on hand at a moment’s notice.

Purchasing one of our quality chillers for sale means a reduction in transport costs, saving our clients a significant amount of time and money over the long run. What they seem to love most is the peace of mind associated with knowing your stock will always be stored in the exact conditions needed for optimal quality.

A Cog in the Manufacturing Process

Recently, we have seen a spike in the number of clients involved in the manufacturing industry using our chillers to great effect. Strictly speaking, “chiller” isn’t the right term here, as we have found they tend to use our containers as part of the process by which raw materials are pre-heated in the manufacturing of plastic products.

If you are involved in an industry that could use reliable, accurate temperature controlled storage facilities, enquire with one of our friendly Kiwi Box representatives about our chillers for sale.