We may not be able to master the weather, but we can all control the temperature when needed. A number of industries rely on this as a means of storing perishable goods.
Without measureable, reliable temperature control, they simply would not be able to remain in business. By using refrigerated containers to competently store produce under ideal conditions, modern firms have been able to take ownership of their supply chain.

Here at Kiwi Box we are wholly committed to supplying New Zealand businesses with refrigerated containers they can put their trust in. We take pride in offering quality temperature controlled storage units that perform exactly as required, every time. Whether this means freezing stock well below zero, maintaining a steady heat of thirty or even forty degrees, or anything in between, our highly accurate units will take care of everything.

It is of course wonderful that this technology exists, and that businesses in these industries are no longer ruled by outside conditions, but why is on-site refrigeration necessary? There are firms which currently make use of this technology, but outsource it to third party cool stores. Using outside storage means booking it in advance each time you wish to use it, and having to transport produce far more frequently. With the added administration and transportation costs, cool stores represent a drain on firms. Traditionally, in an age before portable refrigeration containers, this was the only option for companies looking to exercise control over storage conditions.

Now that more modern equipment is available, there is no need for you to go through the added hassle and increased expense of dealing with a third party cool store. First of all, the convenience of an on-site refrigerated container means never having to transport goods to and from a middle man, as your available stock will always be on hand when you need it. You won’t be sacrificing anything in terms of features or quality either, as all Kiwi Box refrigerated containers contain specific, highly accurate control functionality across a wide range of temperatures. Our containers are also constructed to be as energy efficient as possible, so you will be able to run them without significantly increasing your power expenditure, while also doing your bit to look after the environment.

Going above the simple convenience of having everything on-site, Kiwi Box refrigerated containers are also fully customisable depending on your individual needs. We are also able to tailor containers for specific processes; you may wish to use it for drying, dehumidifying, chilling, or even blast freezing. Whatever you need from a refrigerated container, the friendly team here at Kiwi Box will be able to provide it.

If you would like to cut overall costs, and enjoy the convenience of having your own refrigerated container, talk to the experts here at Kiwi Box.