There is nothing like the convenience of having everything right where you need it. While many businesses that need a large space for refrigeration opt to hire space at a cold store, there is an easier and more cost effective way to store your merchandise.

Shipping containers are designed to store a large quantity of product and the refrigerated containers make climate control easy to adapt to whatever your needs are.

Hiring an insulated, refrigerated container from Kiwi Box rather than renting space in a large cold store is far more cost efficient for more reasons than one. Shipping containers are made to be extremely weather resilient, weight resistant, require minimal maintenance and will not cause serious issues that lead to product spoiling.

Shipping containers also have portability. Unlike a traditional cold store that maybe located several kilometers away from your business, these containers can be installed anywhere at your business and if you move, they can move with you.

Hiring a refrigerated container, sizes include 20′ or 40′ from Kiwi Box, can also save on delivery costs as the container can be plugged directly into your yard, as well as on your time spent delivering your latest production to a cold store. Produce can be loaded straight into the container, without the hassle of hiring or running trucks.

These containers are extremely adaptable to any type environment, with temperature changes ranging from -30 to +40.
And if your business is seasonal, container leases can be put on hold while they are not required or simply returned when they are not in use as there is no obligation to rent a container for a specific amount of time.

Kiwi Box has three phase containers which are equipped with the latest software. This enables them to be run on power-saving mode, cutting up to a third off your power bill. The single phase chillers/freezers enable the user to cut two thirds off their power bill. This is compared to a standard three phase container without power saving mode.

Another handy feature of having a refrigerated storage container is the ease in which you can locate and remove produce. The design makes filling orders, and organising stock a breeze.

Kiwi Box serves the entire South Island and stocks three phase and single 20′ and 40′ shipping containers.