If you’re looking for a storage or transportation option but you’re worried about damaging your goods, you’re probably trying to find the safest possible solution. Storage containers have become a staple solution for shipping and keeping goods – but not every container is created equal!

At Kiwi Box, we don’t just offer standard, steel shipping containers, but insulated containers designed to protect your goods, products and stock from the outside world as well as keep them safe. If you’re not too sure about what storage option is right for you, it might pay to learn a little about the benefits of insulated containers particularly in comparison to traditional steel containers.

Steel Containers Get Hot, Very Hot

Steel containers aren’t very good at maintaining stable internal temperatures – in fact, they do quite the opposite! The outside climate has a dramatic effect on any steel container and the thin walls mean that the temperature will always be affected directly. Hot summer days mean your goods are going to be exposed to a lot of heat. On the flip side you can expect temperatures to drop rapidly as the sun goes down or during the colder months which can also cause problems with stock that doesn’t take well to sudden or dramatic temperature changes.

Insulated containers work to maintain a more consistent internal temperature. You might not have the accuracy of a container with an active temperature control system, but you won’t be exposing your stored goods to constant fluctuations in climate and extreme heats either.

No Condensation

A shipping container with a good form of insulation will prevent rainwater getting in and minimise the chance of condensation from rapidly changing temperatures inside. Condensation and leaks can damage your stored goods, rotting wood and cardboard, damaging electronics, providing a breeding ground for mould and other bacteria and wreaking all sorts of havoc. Pre-cooled containers will keep their temperature for longer, making them perfect for transportation as well as a viable static storage options.

Insulated Storage Containers Are Better for Long Term Storage

Insulated storage containers let you keep goods for longer without having to worry about damage. Steel containers tend to suffer wear and tear faster, they can rust and often end up with leaks – especially around doors and openings. Because they provide a consistent internal climate, you don’t run the risk of damage from condensation, leaks or extreme temperatures (highs and lows) with an insulated container.

Choose a safer storage option with Kiwi Box. Our insulated storage containers will keep your stored goods out of the elements, protected and at a more consistent temperature. Contact us to discuss your storage needs or check out our stock and rates to find an option suitable for you. While steel containers still fulfill a need, an insulated container is usually the way to go when you have stock that can be affected by the climate outside.