The development of quality, on-site refrigerated containers has been a real blessing for firms involved in the shipping industry, or who require temperature controlled storage as part of their operations. Our loyal clients regularly give us feedback on how our freezer rooms have been able to accurately keep their stock at a particular temperature, effectively maintaining overall quality and freshness.

So why is it that our freezer rooms work so well? Through a combination of temperature control, customisation, flexible usage, and convenience, Kiwi Box containers have become the gold standard in industrial storage solutions. We’ll look at each of these factors in turn and see how you too can benefit from the use of a Kiwi Box freezer room.

Hot and Cold – Temperature Control

The primary way in which our freezer rooms work is to moderate the temperature within the container at your chosen setting. This ranges from below twenty degrees Celsius, right up to forty degrees Celsius, encompassing the ideal temperature for virtually all consumer goods. Need to freeze meat, cool cheese, or dry seaweed? Kiwi Box freezer rooms can do it all, just find what temperature works for you and the container will take care of the rest. The air tight seal and robust build of the freezer room will ensure that the temperature stays constant throughout the storage process.

Have it Your Way – Customisation

Depending on your individual needs, we can customise your freezer room accordingly. We tend to offer two distinct models, twenty foot and forty foot containers, but we are also able to make alterations to your freezer room where needed. All we need is a run-down of what you will be using the container for, and we can then set about changing the way in which the temperature control functionality complements your business needs. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern, so don’t hesitate to talk to us about how we can best help you. This ability to customise leads on to the many possible uses for one of our freezer rooms.

Flexible Freezer Rooms

The term ‘freezer room’ refers more to the insulated container itself, rather than necessarily implying that goods are being frozen. In fact, Kiwi Box freezer rooms serve a number of different functions across a range of industries. The energy efficient temperature control function you know and love can be applied to blast freezing, drying, dehumidifying, and virtually any other way in which heat and cold can affect goods. Need more than one of these functions, but don’t need the space of two containers? Easy, just talk to us about a dual temperature container and you can experience optimal flexibility.

Ultimate Convenience

Of course one of the biggest reasons why our freezer rooms have proven so popular is that they remove the need for third party storage rooms. Not having to deal with regular transportation costs takes a huge burden off our clients, allowing them to have their stock at the ready. Taking ownership of the storage process can’t be underestimated, and it is this level of convenience that makes our freezer rooms ‘work’.

To experience first hand the convenience of having your very own efficient, temperature controlled storage container, get in touch with us here at Kiwi Box today. (oh, and you can chill out; they’re affordable too!)