If your business requires you to keep your products or stock in a refrigerated or temperature controlled environment, you may be considering whether a static cool room location or a mobile refrigerated container is a better option. In the past, static cool storage facilities were a common choice – but thanks to new cool storage technology, mobile cool storage containers are becoming a more popular option – read on to find out why.

What is a cold storage facility?

Cold storage facilities make their business by storing your products. They are often used to store excess stock, or stock that requires cooling or temperature control.
Storage with these companies can be expensive – often requiring a large initial investment and space commitment.

Taking your stock to a cool store can also bring complications involving transport, logistics and access. Without a mobile cool storage container, your products may deteriorate in transit to or from the cool storage facility – so you will need to pay for the additional costs of refrigerated trucks. The cool storage facility may also not be easily accessible due to its geographical location and opening hours.

What is a refrigerated container?

Hiring or buying a cool room container may be a better solution for some businesses.
Cool room containers are second hand shipping containers that have been modified to provide temperature control or refrigeration. Unlike cool storage facilities, they are mobile and fully transportable.

Why choose a refrigerated container over a cool storage facility?

Refrigerated containers have many benefits. One is that they have easy temperature control settings – making changing the temperature easy and accessible. Kiwibox’s cool storage containers can maintain a constant temperature anywhere from negative thirty degrees Celsius to plus thirty degrees Celsius – so you can choose the temperature that suits the requirements of your stock.

Because of these temperature control settings, our storage containers can have a number of uses. They can be used for drying, dehumidifying, blast freezing, or temperature moderation. This makes them suitable for a range of industries and products.

Because we also offer customisations, our refrigerated containers can be made to suit any product, and business, and any requirement. Our standard storage containers come in two models – a twenty-foot and a forty-foot model. However, we can make alterations to these containers where needed. All you need to do it let us know what you intend to use the container for, and how you will need it to perform – and we will modify it to suit you.

Another benefit of a mobile refrigerated container is that they are available for sale or hire. If you only require cool storage in the short term, this is a very affordable option. However if you will be requiring cool storage or temperature control in the long term, you can simply purchase a refrigerated container to own – that way, it is a long-term investment that will continue to provide benefits for you and your business. So as you can see, refrigerated containers are an easy, cost-effective way to store your products or stock.

Here at Kiwibox, we manufacture single phase insulated shipping containers for use as mobile freezers, cool rooms and refrigerated containers. We can provide twenty-foot and forty-foot containers for sale or hire in New Zealand. We can also provide customised containers – we would be happy to alter any container to suit your applications – whether you need a container for drying, dehydrating, or just dry, temperature controlled storage. Read more about our refrigerated containers , or contact us now to find out more about what Kiwibox can do for you.