20 Foot Refrigerated & Insulated Storage Containers

Our 20 foot storage options are available as refrigerated containers or insulated shipping containers, find out more below.

General Features


Accurate Temperature Control

Stainless Steel


Single-phase and


When choosing your refrigerated storage container, there can be a lot of points to consider, as everyone has very unique refrigerated storage requirements.

Refrigerated Containers
Refrigerated containers are suitable for temperature applications from -30°C to +30°C. We have stock available for hire or for sale.

Our single phase refrigerated containers are fitted with brand new refrigeration units and can be used for anything that requires cold storage between -20°c and +30°c.

Insulated Containers
The temperature application required will depend on what you plan to store in the container. Our experts are happy to help you choose between an insulated or refrigerated shipping container. We’re also able to customise a container to suit your exact temperature and humidity requirements

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For more information on refrigerated containers go to our FAQs page.


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