40 Foot Refridgerated Storage Containers


  • Large Capacity
  • Modern Equipment
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Stainless Steel Interiors


  • Refrigerated Containers – Available for hire or sale, we stock refrigerated containers for applications which require -30°C to +30°C temperatures.
  • Insulated Containers – These containers are also available for sale and provide a condensation free storage environment with no extremes of temperature. If you are wanting to store valuable goods or are looking for a working or living space, the refrigeration machinery can be removed to provide you with the ideal solution to your needs.

40ft container 2 40ft container 3 40ft container 4 40ft container


(all prices are exclusive of GST)


 For hire:
Refrigerated containers long term hire from $20 per day
 For sale:
Refrigerated containers Starting at $10,000
Insulated containers Starting at $7,500

At Kiwi Box, we pride ourselves on being able to meet customer’s requirements each and every time. Choosing a refrigerated storage option needn’t be a daunting task – we’ve created a list of 10 questions to consider before making a purchase or hiring decision.


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  • Insulated 40 foot container
  • Insulated 40 foot container
  • Insulated 40 foot container
  • Meat Chiller