Refrigerated Container Backup Services

Kiwi Box takes its back up services very seriously. We provide a 24/7 break down service. We endeavour to get there within an hour – we know how important it is to the customer not to have any product spoil.

20ft container 3Outside of the Canterbury area, we call in local refrigeration companies to carry out any repairs, of which Kiwi Box covers the costs for. The customer only pays the monthly rental fee and can be reassured there are no other expensive repairs bills to be covered. Once a year my brother or I travel around the South Island and inspect and service every refrigerated container we have out on lease. Part of our inspections include lubing the door seals so that there are no issues with getting them open and closed and checking all motor bearings, electrics and service refrigeration systems.

Once our inspection is complete, we attach an electrical warrant of fitness to the power lead to say everything is safe and operating as it should. We also fill out a service sheet and leave a copy in the control box.

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