Any business that requires a temperature controlled environment for storing their goods will understand the importance of finding a refrigeration option that suits their needs. Don’t settle for less than you require – with the massive range of options available for commercial refrigeration you can be sure of finding something that is perfect for your business. To choose the most effective refrigeration system, it helps to know what options are available, so we’ve taken time to outline some key considerations.

Size and Form

It’s important to select the right size for your commercial refrigeration system. A system that is too large will be inefficient, while one that is too small puts the quality of your product at risk. Commercial refrigeration systems are available in set sizes (such as 20 ft or 40 ft), but can also be customised to suit your size requirements.

The form of the refrigeration system often depends on the size required and the purpose of the system. Reach-in refrigerators are usually smaller, and are perfect for back of house operations. Walk-in refrigerators provide the perfect option for businesses that require a larger amount of accessible space, such as restaurants. They are also great for storage of boxed and bulk items. Other smaller forms of refrigeration systems available include bar refrigerators and under-counter refrigerators.

Casters and Mobility

The legs of a standalone commercial refrigeration unit can be replaced by casters. This offers excellent mobility for business that require a flexible temperature controlled solution. Casters are also useful in situations where refrigeration units must be mobile for cleaning purposes, and may even be required under health and safety requirements in some industries.

Storage Shelves

The range of applications that require a commercial refrigeration system is extensive, and therefore requirements for storage shelves vary dramatically. It is important that you choose a refrigeration option that can have storage shelves added or removed from the standard setup so you can maximise the functionality of the refrigeration unit for your business.

Door Options

Most commercial refrigerators come with solid doors as standard. However, that may not be the best option for your business. If product appearance is important to your operation, consider customising your refrigerator with glass doors. Doors can also be customised to include slide opening options, or hinges can be moved so your refrigerator opens in the direction that is most convenient to your work environment.

Pass-Through Refrigerators

If you have decided that a walk-in refrigeration system is best for your business, there is also the option to create a pass-through refrigerator by installing doors at both ends. This is a great option for services that require a kitchen entrance at one end and a service entrance at the other.

Whatever your commercial refrigeration needs are, KiwiBox refrigerated containers are perfect for storing food and drink in a temperature controlled environment. We can provide you with customised solutions fitted to your needs. Contact us to discuss how you can best use a KiwiBox refrigerated container for permanent or temporary commercial refrigeration.