Customised Refrigerated Shipping Containers and Cold Storage Solutions

We serve a wide variety of businesses that have unique needs when it comes to cold storage.

We frequently customise the temperature-controlled containers we lease and sell to meet the exact needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt any container for any cold storage situation.

Businesses we provide customised cold storage units for:

Tegel Foods, New Zealand King Salmon, AFFCO NZ, J H Whittaker’s, Bidfood and Frucor, LSG SkyChefs, Countdown Supermarket, Kono Seafood, Silver Fern Farms, AsureQuality, Balance Cargo, Heinz Watties, Bidvest NZ,  and Halls Refrigerated Transport.

Benefits of customised cold storage containers

How a customised, mobile, and adjustable cold storage container can help your business:

Because you can change the temperature settings, our cold storage refrigerated shipping container units can be used in a variety of ways. Temperature-controlled storage units can be used:

  • For Chill Applications with accurate and efficient temperature control
  • As Single-Phase Refrigerated Containers that run on domestic power supply
  • Dual-temperature refrigerated containers
  • Blast Freeze reefer containers
  • Drying or dehumidifying containers

Adjustable Temperature Control
Our easy-to-use temperature control function allows you to set the internal temperature anywhere from -30°C to +30°C. The modern refrigeration units are extremely economical, making for more affordable running costs and better control of temperature and humidity.

Custom Sizing and Settings
Our temperature controlled refrigeration units are fully customisable to meet any cold storage specification. Whether it be the internal size, shape, shelving volume and orientation, type of access door, or temperature setting, we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Why Customise?

We want to create the best-fitting cold storage solution based on your individual requirements — so we’ll ask about your product, your timeframes, your location, your power source, and your objective.

Something as simple as the temperature of your product when it enters the refrigerated shipping container will heavily inform our recommendation: is it already frozen, or is it fresh and needs to be chilled down inside the container?

Time and cost are often a trade-off in choosing and customising the right container, so we want to make sure we know as much as we can about your intended use before we make our recommendations and begin a customisation job.

Examples of cold storage container customisations

  • A customer needed two 20 foot containers to store grass seed for up to a year at a time. We changed the thermostat to maintain +5°c and programmed the humidity to hold a consistent 35% at all times so the seed didn’t spoil.
  • A special thermostat was installed in a single-phase container to store chocolate products at +18°c. The thermostat would recognise any temperature fluctuation and the refrigeration unit would do more or less work to return the internal environment back to +18°c.
  • Another refrigerated container was designed to vary temperature and humidity for drying seaweed that was to be exported.


We understand you’ll likely have your own unique requirements and there are a number of points to consider before you hire or purchase a refrigerated shipping container. Chat to us about your situation and we’ll help you establish the most efficient and suitable container type and customisation options.

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