Many New Zealand businesses have products or stock that need to be kept in a cool or temperature-controlled environment in order to prevent deterioration. However, there are a number of different cold storage solutions to choose from – and it’s important that you make the right choice before investing your hard-earned money.

Some businesses use a chest-freezer, walk-in freezer room, or on-site cold storage container to keep their products cool. Other options include cold storage facilities, or mobile refrigerated containers like the ones we have at Kiwibox. Here we’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages of each of these storage options, so you can be sure that you’re making the right choice.

Commercial Walk-in Freezer Rooms

The advantages: Commercial walk-in freezer rooms are available in a variety of sizes and levels of performance to suit cafes, kitchens, and restaurants. These cool rooms allow those in the food or hospitality industry to keep large quantities of food products refrigerated, and have easy-access to them onsite.

The disadvantages: Commercial walk-in freezer rooms are not mobile, and due to their size, they are best suited only to storing food product on-premises. While they’re a good option for cafes and restaurants, a larger, mobile cool-storage facility may be preferable for other industries.

Cold Storage Facilities

The advantages: Cold storage facilities are large factories or buildings where businesses can store their products. They are a good place to store excess stock that requires cooling or temperature control.

The disadvantages: Often, businesses using a cold storage facility will encounter issues with accessibility and high ongoing costs. If the storage facility is not located near to where your stock needs to be transported to, you may need to arrange for a refrigerated truck to transport your goods – incurring another extra cost!

Refrigerated Containers

The advantages: Refrigerated containers like the ones we have at Kiwibox can provide a range of temperature control settings, allowing you to maintain a constant temperature anywhere from negative thirty degrees Celsius to forty degrees Celsius. This means you can use our cool storage containers for drying, dehumidifying and blast freezing as well as refrigeration.

Our refrigerated containers are also fully mobile, unlike cold storage facilities and walk-in freezers. They’re easy to transport, and easy to adjust – so they’re ideal for any business, no matter where you are, or what temperature you require your products to be kept at.

The disadvantages: Our cool storage boxes come in two sizes – a twenty-foot and a forty-foot model; these sizes may not be suitable for some businesses. However, we are able to make customisations and changes to these models to suit our customers – just talk to us about what you need, and we will be able to arrange something for you. You can also read more about our customisations here.

If you think your business could benefit from having a reliable, accurate temperature controlled storage container, please contact us now to find out more about our chillers for hire and sale.