Here at Kiwi Box we deal with a wide range of clients in a number of different industries, so we understand better than anyone the need for flexible refrigeration options. For those of you dealing in perishable goods this usually means having some method of refrigeration available to ensure your stock is stored in optimal conditions. To make this a reality for all our Kiwi clients, we offer a range of custom designed refrigerated storage solutions suitable for all types of perishable goods. Here are a few of the ways our refrigerated storage units can adapt to suit your individual needs.

In the Driver’s Seat: Temperature Control

All our Kiwi Box cool rooms are well insulated, keeping your goods free from outside influence. This insulation creates a stable environment, giving you complete control over the temperature at which your stock is stored at. Whether you require lightly refrigerated storage, sub zero temperatures all the way down to -30°C, or a warm environment up to +40°C, Kiwi Box refrigerated storage has got you covered. The ability to maintain your storage at a constant temperature is vitally important in preserving the quality of your goods throughout the shipping process and beyond.

Space to Spare: Bulk Storage Capability

When dealing with early refrigeration of perishable goods, most clients ideally want enough space to store large quantities at once. After all, much of the point of on-site refrigerated storage is to have sizeable reserves of stock on hand ready to go. To accommodate this, Kiwi Box cool containers come in 20 foot and 40 foot designs. Both of these refrigerated storage units are capable of holding significant amounts of produce, so you can reliably keep large amounts of stock in place from an early date. If you require something a little different, we also offer fully customisable refrigerated storage, which leads us nicely to our next point.

The Choice Is Yours: Customisable Cool Rooms

While total temperature control and a spacious environment are great, some clients feel they need more flexibility in their refrigerated storage. If this is you, you’ll be pleased to find that our temperature control capabilities can be applied to a number of different applications. For example, our cool rooms can also be used for drying, heating, and dehumidifying. On the colder end of the scale, all Kiwi Box containers have the ability to blast freeze your inventory. In terms of storing perishable goods early on, intending them for use at a later date, blast freezing is an especially useful course of action. This flexibility also extends to the physical make up of your refrigerated storage unit.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Storage Adapted to Fit

Those of you who deal in more than one type of product will likely require different storage solutions for each of them. Rather than purchasing additional refrigerated storage units, you could simply use one of our dual temperature containers. This essentially splits the container into two distinct, insulated environments each with their own set of conditions. This way you can store a range of goods early on, without having to invest in additional containers over time.

Our energy efficient single phase refrigerated storage containers have everything you need to ensure your produce remains in optimal condition, no matter the industry you come from. With accurate temperature control, flexible applications, and variable sizing, you have the final say in how you wish to store your goods. To enjoy the benefits of early refrigeration, contact the Kiwi Box team today.